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Promoting tourism in Rosia Montana through GoldCrowdfunding platform !

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Promoting tourism in Rosia Montana through Crowdfunding !
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Our goals with this blog?
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- To introduce the concept of international Crowdfunding for all those who
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"The Stone Weding"

In 1971, two Romanian film directors: Dan Pitza and Mircea Veroiu, produce
two pictures (mouvies) recreating the picture and atmosphere of the place
at end of 19th century.The picture "Nunta de piatra" ( "The Stone Weding") was highly 

apreciated at the Berlin Mouvies Festival.
You see my picture from 1971, who present a small village with "The Fortress" in the 

background, still preserved in spirite of the ages. On left it's the Kernic Gold Mountain! 
In front of the picture you see the three ancient churches !
I started a project about "How to Promote Tourisme in Rosia Montana" and to STOP 

using cyanides in Romania.

See here a litlle part of the mouvie "The Stone Weding"...The song drummer...


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Historical significance for Rosia Montana

The Region has also historical significance, as many personalities (such as Simion Balint, Avram Iancu) got inoved in the emancipation movement from 1848.
Up to 1972, some mine-galleries from Rosia Montana were open to visitors who were 
able to see the holes in the galleries and imitate the ancient routine of extracting gold 
by throwing a boiling mixture of the spot.
In 1981,celebrating a 1850 years from the discovery of the site, a museum was organized that exhibits some Roman galleries (unique in the whole Europe),ancient gold mills activated by water and other objects typical for the craft.

 This region, full of history, is threatened by a huge gold mine/mining career
This operation should be done with cyanides
The village of 2,000 years old, would disappear !

See there tho old houses of the village in 1971
Here you can see more houses from 1850-1870

We$hareCrowdFunding-Why I chose this platform?
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We$hareCrowdFunding-my project and the opportunity:
Promoting Tourism in Rosia Montana

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ROSIA MONTANA, only  a step to desaster  !

The old Roman site, mentioned ever since 06.02.131 on wax slates, was founded in 1854  in the galleries of the Roman gold mines in the area.
The slates had probably been hidden between 131-167AfHr from the  attacks of Marcoman barbarians. The documents show that the Romans had got and sent to Rome about 1,650,000 kg gold from these mines.
There is a legend about a hen laying gold eggs in her nest on the "Gaina Hill"   and hiding them in the area called "Cetatea"(The Fortress).
Bonner, the English traveller,who was deeply impressed by the scenary wrote: "The view produced such a strong impresion over me,that I could hardly control them".
During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the gold mines were again exploited,
mines and areas were licensed so that new settlesments flourished (such as Rosia Montana, Abrud, Campeni).
The Region has also historical significance, as many personalities (such as Simion Balint, Avram Iancu) got inoved in the emancipation movement from 1848.

We want to promoting Tourism in Rosia Montana !
This is an alternative to Gold Mining with  Cyanides in 

Rosia Montana/Romania/Transylvania !
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