vineri, 9 ianuarie 2015

Promoting tourism in Rosia Montana through GoldCrowdfunding platform !

What is Crowdfunding ?
Crowdfunding has quickly become the # 1 Internet, the newest, 

most exciting phenomenon of social trend for fundraising, the possibility 
of creating a platform suitable website that allows everyone (individuals, 
companies) to support any project staff have created.

Why I chose Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a global community that 

allows sharing personal project worldwide. Using the incredible power
of a single model sharing community Crowdfunding helps goals faster and 
easier than any other platform.
Crowdfunding Platform   If you join now, you could literally fulfill personal
dreams while helping others do the same. Crowdfunding creates a win-win 

experience for all.

Promoting tourism in Rosia Montana through Crowdfunding !
More about the project
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Crowdfunding platform details
Please read more in English, about the project, at>>>

Our goals with this blog?
- To present more fully and evolving project
- To open a possibility of communication with those who want to help through
  donations project
- To introduce the concept of international Crowdfunding for all those who
  want to promote their project

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