vineri, 9 ianuarie 2015

"The Stone Weding"

In 1971, two Romanian film directors: Dan Pitza and Mircea Veroiu, produce
two pictures (mouvies) recreating the picture and atmosphere of the place
at end of 19th century.The picture "Nunta de piatra" ( "The Stone Weding") was highly 

apreciated at the Berlin Mouvies Festival.
You see my picture from 1971, who present a small village with "The Fortress" in the 

background, still preserved in spirite of the ages. On left it's the Kernic Gold Mountain! 
In front of the picture you see the three ancient churches !
I started a project about "How to Promote Tourisme in Rosia Montana" and to STOP 

using cyanides in Romania.

See here a litlle part of the mouvie "The Stone Weding"...The song drummer...


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